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Wales is a hidden gem full of character. Not only is it the home of the famous Welsh rugby team, Wales is the king of castles, placing them in the top 10 of places to visit in Britain. Your never to far from a castle with drawbridges and moats. The children will have endless fun playing kings and queens, princesses and princes slaying dragons.

With 870 miles of coastline, you are a stone throw away from beaches, harbours and idyllic islands.  Wales is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and the island of Great Britain. It is bordered by England to the east, the Irish Sea to the north and west, and the Bristol Channel to the south.

Fun for all the family

Cardiff is the ultimate city break destination for families. The children will be mesmerized by the Roof Garden and Banqueting Hall within the Cardiff Castle. Heading away from the city center you will find numerous shops and cafes to suit any taste bud, young or old.

Swansea is home to the National Waterfront Museum that tells the story of the industry in Wales of the last few hundred years. Plantasia featuring the exotic animals from all parts of the world, chameleons, parrots and monkeys all enclosed in a climate controlled indoor garden.

Breacon Beacons covering 1345 sq km of morland is where the national park is located. Providing programmes for children which include bug hunts and wilderness survival days, enough fun to tire out the kids.

If adventure is what you are after, Snowdonia could be the place for you? An impressive 5 hour trek up and down mount Snowdon at the Snowdonia National Park could be an adventure for the whole family, why not spend time with your family taking in the breathtaking views on offer. The Snowdon Mountain Railway is another treat your little ones can also experience.

Time zone:  GMT+1

Capital of Wales: Cardiff

Languages: Welsh (Cymraeg)

The Currency: Pound Sterling

Climate: Maritime Climate

Visas: Wales is part of the United Kingdom (UK). All applications to visit or stay in the United Kingdom should be made to the UK Visas and Immigration division. For visitors from EU countries and Switzerland, the UK is working to keep travel visa-free.

Vaccinations: You do not need any special vaccinations as a precaution to protect your health during your UK visit, however, to secure a Visa, you will need to be able to prove that all your basic vaccinations are present and up-to-date, including polio and MMR.

 Health and Safety: Health and safety tips that all visitors to the UK should keep in mind. Unless your travel is in summer plan for low temperatures. If traveling in the summer it might not be warm and sunny. It's advisable to check weather before travel.

 Emergency Numbers

  • Emergency services: Call 999
  • Police Non- Emergency Number: Call 101

Festival Days and Events

  • Greenman Festival: Winner of Best British Festival at the UK Music Awards is Wales' very own independent festival, Green Man. For music lovers.
  • Festival No. 6: A weekend of culture and festivities to the beautiful Portmeirion estate.
  • Wales International Harp Festival: A series of concerts, competitions and master classes. There are even workshops for absolute beginners who want to try their hand at the harp.