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Every parent knows that traveling anywhere with children can be strenuous at times. But going on holiday with them should be as stress- free as possible! If you remember these vitals things you will be on your way to relaxed moments, memories to share, laughs and sing-a-longs.

Baby's and toddlers can get just as anxious about traveling as us adults, so that 1 hour journey to the airport can seem like 2. Ensure you are well prepared and carry your essentials. Your child's favorite toys or games should be packed along with any particular snacks your child enjoys.

Before Booking

Remember to budget for your under 2 year olds as they will be charged less than an adult fare. They also must sit on your lap and do not usually have a baggage allowance. Reserve seats so you can all sit together, if not you could be seated away from your loved ones. Remember you need to have clarification from the airline if you want to use a child's car seat on the flight.

Pre order children's meals if you prefer this option. Check if you can take your stroller to the boarding gate. Choose a daytime flight to minimize disturbance to sleeping routines. Remember to take out travel insurance for all the family! You can never be to careful in other countries, its better to be safe then sorry. Spectrum travel insurance are the number one travel insurance company for providing family travel insurance. Have a look at their website today.

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At the Airport?

Get to the airport early to avoid being stressed and rushed or stuck at the back of a long check in queue.

Find out if there is a play area in the airport.

Make use of priority boarding as it is for families with young children.

Flying overnight will leave your little darling tired and restless.

Try to keep them up and going during the first day of the holiday, this will help them adjust to the new times zone. Nothing wrong with having a nap, but bed time should be the same as back at home.

Its always a good idea to try and keep as much things the same as you would back home, this would then make it a bit easier for your baby or toddler to settle in better to their new environment.

During the flight

Try to feed your baby during take-off and landing to reduce discomfort by cabin pressure. Do not be afraid to ask the flight attendants for assistance in warming baby food.

Do not expect your toddler to be occupied with one toy, bring a selection of toys and activities to last the duration of the flight.

Take toilet trained children to the toilet before the seat belts signs come on.

Respect other passengers on the airplane by dealing with any unacceptable behavior such as kicking the seat in front.

Airport by coach

Traveling by coach may be appealing to your little ones, coach journeys from London to any UK airport is a duration of about 1 hour. This is enough time to occupy your little one and to build up their excitement for the start of the holiday.

Coach travel is very cost effective with the average return ticket for a family costing under £100. National Express are the number one company for carrying holiday makers from in and around England, to any UK based airport. This reliable service runs coaches every hour, so whether you have missed your coach due to running late there is always another coach on its way.

Airport by train

There is no denying rail travel is definitely family friendly. Not only do you have more leg room, you can get a table which the kids can use to spread out their pens and scribble pads.

Trains can be a very exciting experience for any child. The process of buying your train ticket or collecting it from the station, to listening and looking on the message board for you train time and location.The Train line is the number one search engine for booking your rail fare to any airport.