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A true fact is now more parents are dismissing the idea of taking there little one on holiday, especially at the ages of 1- 4. The thought and process of flying is terrifying and stressful, particularly for new parents. The thought of trying to change a nappy in a cramped airplane toilet, and trying to reduce the impact your little one has on other passengers; who are sometimes not always sympathetic, is enough to put any parent off from traveling.

However with careful planning and end goal in sight, you and your little one are on the road to exploring the world.

If you don't believe me, here are some useful facts to make you think otherwise.

Babies are easy to transport in strollers and baby carriers.

They are not old enough to complain if their favorite ice cream is unavailable. Babies go free! The older your children get the more expensive everything is, take full advantage while you can.

Thanks to some amazing companies, there are a wide range of travel products designed to make your life easier. These products are available in most stores.

If you play your cards right and choose a resort with spa facilities and babysitting services. You can enjoy some much needed down time.



Every parent knows that having toddlers can be challenging at times. The thought of traveling with them is not an easy task.

This age group requires you to be selective with your choice of accommodation. Even the most hawk eyed parents can lose sight of their toddler.

Toddlers have a tendency to wander off when something catches their eye. Therefore swimming pools, balcony railings are all safety aspects to be considered.

Something that seems harmless and fun, can become dangerous if not taken into account. But apart from the health and safety aspect of traveling at this age, your child is more excited and ready to explore this new destination, and verbally able to talk, they can express these views to you.

Taking your toddler on a family holiday is one of the best experiences as a parent you can give them. A chance to embark on a new lifestyle and environment, that is different from their own. New smells and textures, and of course family photos to last through out the years.

Create new memories and share current ones with friends and family. Travelling can  bring any family closer together, an opportunity for every member of the family to try something new and spend much needed quality time together from a usual hectic work and school life.

Money Savers


Click: Look out for special offers online first. Always search for free child places or extra days. While online remember to search for the best form of travel insurance for your family.

Bigger: Renting a villa can be a cheaper alternative if you share with another family. Maybe your freind also wants to go on holiday but find the price too much alone, this option is perfect to spending quality time with close friends.

Timing: With under 5's you can avoid the high peak season as traveling within school holidays are more expensive. For school children over 5, try looking for holidays in last week of August, as they are usually cheaper. 

Saving The Pennies:  When choosing destinations try looking at countries with low cost living, like Turkey, these destinations are much cheaper then the Mediterranean.

Cutting Costs: The little things always add up. Food and drinks for a family can be a high cost by the end of your trip. Why not save by buying a bottle of squash and mixing your own drinks, instead of buying cans of coke throughout the day. Booking a family room instead of two separate rooms. Another cutting cost tip is to hire a car to travel around instead of booking a coach tour, and making your own picnics instead of eating out. There is always the option of all inclusive, as this is another way to save money once abroad.