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About Us

Have you ever struggled searching for the perfect holiday that caters to your under 5 years old? Don’t you just wish you could have all this information at your fingertips?

I have figured out the missing piece to the puzzle to help other parents as well as myself, to plan a stress free holiday.

As a mother of an under 5 year old with previous experience of working abroad, and a Degree in Tourism Management. I have personally struggled to find holidays suited to her needs.

Having noticed a gap in the market and with the travel and tourism industry rapidly growing, the surge for holidays is ever more in demand.

I decided to create a website to provide useful online content for parents with an under 5 year old, of holidays abroad & in the UK. The perfect holiday tailored to your family. From location to accommodation, we have you covered.

What We Do

Family Destinations

Our Selection of Family Destinations created for you

Family Hotels

Tailored hotels with baby and toddler facilities

Booking a Holiday

Important advice on booking your family holiday


Recommended transport services for your holiday

Holiday Packing List

Don't forget to pack these holiday essentials

Days Out With the Under 5's

All our recommended Days Out in London